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Safety First in 2nd grade

Students in 2nd grade are learning how to keep safe in many different situations. At the end of the unit students will work together to communicate safety tips to others. 

Our Experiences

Dixie students enjoy time to learn outside of the classroom.

Multicultural Night

All students studied and celebrated cultures from around the world last spring. This learning was celebrated with our families and community at Multicultural Night. 

Project Based Learning

Through Project Based Learning, students are engaged in solving a real-world problem or work to answer a complex question. Students demonstrate their knowledge and skills by creating a public product or presentation for an authentic audience. Last spring kindergarteners studied push/pull and created games for indoor recess using push/pull. 

4 houses, 1 school!

Students are connected to a learning and leadership community through one of Dixie's four houses. Our house systems helps create a positive climate and culture for students and staff. We are 4 houses, 1 school. 

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A New Way Forward

To deliver a world-class education, we must put students' needs above all else. Our district's Strategic Plan identifies specific actions and activities in these five areas: